Lost In The Maze


2020 - Episode 5 - Part 1 - An A-maze-ing Experience

In the first of a special two part episode, Mark and Corinne have a rambly chat to their friend and Boomtown newbie, Tobi, about dipping his toe in to the murky waters of the Maze at Area 404 on Hallowe'en; attempt to give him a brief summary of the overarching (and complicated..) Boomtown story so far and tell him a few of their favourite Maze stories and experiences. 

Disclaimer - these episodes were recorded prior to the 2020 Trailer release on February 6th.   However, given that so many new people are discovering the Maze at the moment it seemed really relevant to go over some of the history and try and get everyone hyped for what's to come this year. 


What are your favourite, craziest, most epic and downright weirdest stories from your own experiences of playing the Maze? We want to know!

We'd love to do an episode full of other players anecdotes of their time within the Maze.  If you've got a tale you'd love to share with us, please get in touch via the Boomtown Storyline Facebook group, Twitter or Instagram (@LostintheBTMaze) or by email info@lostinthemaze.co.uk


2020 - Episode 4 - The Emergence-y Episode!

Slightly off the planned schedule, but we just HAD to put together a little extra hype-filled emergence-y (get it..?) episode after today's much anticipated release of the Boomtown 2020 theatrical trailer!

If you're wanting to get into the story this year, this is the place to start, and this is very much only the beginning...

You can view the trailer here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUKxAbyi5F0

Head over to the Boomtown Storyline Facebook group to join our own Hive Mind and delve deeper into the puzzles...


2020 - Episode 3 - The Diary of Walter Hughes

Mark and Corinne continue their exploration of all things Area 404 with a look at the strange, sad and just a little bit crazy (and partly illegible) diary of Walter Hughes, presumed Sector 6 nuclear power plant employee and helpless victim of the contamination...



2020 - Episode 2 - Into the Exclusion Zone

Mark and Corinne talk about all things Area 404, what happened at the Hallowe'en and New Year's Eve events and get excited about techno wombles, chess pieces and a big ol' nuclear disaster in general. 

Coming up the next week we delve into the demented (and indecipherable) diary of Walter Hughes...


2020 - Episode 1 - Welcome (and waffles!)

Welcome to the first ever episode of Lost in the Maze, the unofficial podcast all about the immersive, interactive, theatrical storyline maze at Boomtown Fair. 

In episode 1 Mark and Corinne waffle a bit (a lot) about why the Boomtown storyline maze is engaging enough to actually start a podcast about and what's to come from Lost in the Maze over the next few months. 

This is just the beginning...

Next up - what exactly is going on at Area 404?

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