Lost In The Maze


2020 - Episode 5 - Part 2 - An A-maze-ing Experience

February 12, 2020

In the second of this special two part episode, Mark and Corinne continue to regale Boomtown newbie, Tobi, with their favourite Maze-related stories, as well as talking a bit about what actually happened storyline wise over the last couple of years.

Disclaimer - these episodes were recorded prior to the 2020 Trailer release on February 6th.   However, given that so many new people are discovering the Maze at the moment it seemed really relevant to go over some of the history and try and get everyone hyped for what's to come this year. 


What are your favourite, craziest, most epic and downright weirdest stories from your own experiences of playing the Maze? We want to know!

We'd love to do an episode full of other players anecdotes of their time within the Maze.  If you've got a tale you'd love to share with us, please get in touch via the Boomtown Storyline Facebook group, Twitter or Instagram (@LostintheBTMaze) or by email info@lostinthemaze.co.uk

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