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Locked in the Maze - Episode 2 - Nerdy chats with Mallrats

In the second episode of our new season delving into the world of immersive theatre and games that you can enjoy from home, we chat to the guys from Sabotage the DM, The Waterdeep Mallrats (sabotagethedm on Twitch and YouTube, @sabotagethedm on Instagram).  They are a group of immersive actors (Joe Thorpe, Rob Thompson, Dan Burman, Gabrielle MacPherson and Evie James) playing a live, interactive D&D game weekly on Twitch on Monday nights at 7pm. As they refer to it, it's immsersive storytelling in a fantasy world!

We nerd out with them about all things related to D&D, and a bit about our first love, Boomtown (yep, they've all performed there too!) and about other projects they've been working on during this weird old year of lockdown life.


Locked in the Maze - Episode 1 - More Bantz for your buck

Lost in the Maze is back, back, back again with a new series for 2021 where we look into other immersive theatrical and gaming experiences, you can have during lockdown, from the comfort of your own  home!

We may have nothing new from Boomtown to talk about, however what we do have is someone (or well, two someones) who we know from Boomtown to talk to about what exciting projects they're working on right now (and to chat a little bit about their time at Boomtown, obvs)

In the first episode, we chat to the man, the legend, everyone's favourite, Mr. Bliss himself - Liam.

We recently had the pleasure of doing one of his latest interactive online gaming adventures, BantzQuest (brought to you by BuckBuck Games - http://www.buckbuckgames.com/) - An online team game, MC'd by a live interactive host, where you and your friends go on an adventure through the nightclub of your dreams in a quest to get your ultimate club banger played by the one and only, DJ MEGABANTZ.

We chat to Liam about what we thought of BantzQuest, about his other projects and his career in immersive theatre.  We also bring in some friends of ours who were on our kick-ass BantzQuest team to talk in a bit more detail about our experience.  As well as all that, we have the pleasure of the company of Dan, a BantzQuest MC/host, and veteran of Boomtown and other theatrical projects (one of which we will be discussing in a later episode...)

In each episode of this new series we will be talking about another interactive event/game/experience that you we've enjoyed and that you to can get invovled with.  If you're running out of ideas for your lockdown Friday nights, we've got you covered!



2020 - Episode 12 - Every end has a beginning

Mark and Corinne are (FINALLY) back with another episode! Tune in for a little Boomtown wrap up, what's kept us busy during lockdown and info about where the podcast is going from here...

Make sure you check out the Pictures of Gwen Group on Facebook, and Rogue Beacon's Kickstarter - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/roguebeacon/pictures-of-gwen-episode-1 


2020 - Episode 11 - The LIVE Episode!

Recorded live on Saturday 2nd May 2020, join Mark and Corinne plus special guests, Tobi (boomtown newbie from episode 5) and Ramsay and Luke (part of the team who created the ARG) to discuss all things ARG and Maze related, plus we hear stories from our awesome community,

Thanks for being a part of it - big love <3


2020 - Episode 10 - Ten Episodes and a Movie!

In this episode, Mark and Corinne wrap up as many loose ends as they are able to (which is definitely not all of them) from this year's sadly short-lived ARG.

Please join us in a couple of weeks for a special LIVE community episode!

In the meantime, come try to fill in the gaps with us in the Boomtown Storyline Facebook group, and please send in your favourite stories/moments from the Maze so we can share them in the community episode (if you haven't already!) - info@lostinthemaze.co.uk



2020 - Episode 9 - Area404: Commander not found

Mark and Corinne are back with another round-up of all the latest from the ARG. What's the latest on OneCor's 'rescue' mission into Area404? What else are we learning from th3c3ll? And have we got any better idea of exactly what Hedron is up to..?

Slightly earlier than scheduled for this episode - aren't we good to you guys?  Stay safe, stay inside, play the game, listen to podcasts!



2020 - Episode 8 - Locked in the Maze

It's time for another fortnightly roundup of all things Maze related from Mark and Corinne, featuring the latest antics of OneCor and IZZI on their 'rescue' mission into Area404, some increasingly confusing hidden content from th3c3ll and speculation on what Hedron is getting up to...

Times are strange right now, but we all need a bit of escapism.  We're going to keep doing these as long as you keep listening (and probably even if you don't...)



2020 - Episode 7 - All About IZZI

In this week's ARG recap, Mark and Corinne talk about the exciting adventures of OneCor's drone, IZZI (@thisisIZZI on Twitter) and the communications that have been established with survivors inside Area404...

They also have some VERY exciting exclusive news to reveal ahead of Boomtown's announcement tomorrow (March 10th) at 1pm!

Stay tuned to the Facebook group Boomtown Storyline for information and updates!

Please keep sending in your Boomtown Maze stories to info@lostinthemaze.co.uk - hopefully these will form part of a regular segment in the podcast!


2020 - Episode 6 - ARG 101 (or what we learnt in the first 2 weeks)

In this episode, Mark and Corinne head deep into the rabbit hole of the first couple of weeks of the ARG (or Alternate Reality Game, for those unenlightened..) 

This episode contains answers to puzzles and content from the first 2 weeks of the ARG, including th3c3ll website, HMBru, BlessedHedron and the start of the campaign to #SaveCharlie

Remember to follow @thisisIZZI on Twitter and keep checking back to th3c3ll (and the Boomtown Storyline Facebook group, of course!) to see where the story heads next...

We still would love to hear your stories of your time playing the games in the  Maze, for a future episode, please drop us an email with your best bits to info@lostinthemaze.co.uk 



2020 - Episode 5 - Part 2 - An A-maze-ing Experience

In the second of this special two part episode, Mark and Corinne continue to regale Boomtown newbie, Tobi, with their favourite Maze-related stories, as well as talking a bit about what actually happened storyline wise over the last couple of years.

Disclaimer - these episodes were recorded prior to the 2020 Trailer release on February 6th.   However, given that so many new people are discovering the Maze at the moment it seemed really relevant to go over some of the history and try and get everyone hyped for what's to come this year. 


What are your favourite, craziest, most epic and downright weirdest stories from your own experiences of playing the Maze? We want to know!

We'd love to do an episode full of other players anecdotes of their time within the Maze.  If you've got a tale you'd love to share with us, please get in touch via the Boomtown Storyline Facebook group, Twitter or Instagram (@LostintheBTMaze) or by email info@lostinthemaze.co.uk

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