Lost In The Maze


Locked in the Maze - Episode 1 - More Bantz for your buck

February 6, 2021

Lost in the Maze is back, back, back again with a new series for 2021 where we look into other immersive theatrical and gaming experiences, you can have during lockdown, from the comfort of your own  home!

We may have nothing new from Boomtown to talk about, however what we do have is someone (or well, two someones) who we know from Boomtown to talk to about what exciting projects they're working on right now (and to chat a little bit about their time at Boomtown, obvs)

In the first episode, we chat to the man, the legend, everyone's favourite, Mr. Bliss himself - Liam.

We recently had the pleasure of doing one of his latest interactive online gaming adventures, BantzQuest (brought to you by BuckBuck Games - http://www.buckbuckgames.com/) - An online team game, MC'd by a live interactive host, where you and your friends go on an adventure through the nightclub of your dreams in a quest to get your ultimate club banger played by the one and only, DJ MEGABANTZ.

We chat to Liam about what we thought of BantzQuest, about his other projects and his career in immersive theatre.  We also bring in some friends of ours who were on our kick-ass BantzQuest team to talk in a bit more detail about our experience.  As well as all that, we have the pleasure of the company of Dan, a BantzQuest MC/host, and veteran of Boomtown and other theatrical projects (one of which we will be discussing in a later episode...)

In each episode of this new series we will be talking about another interactive event/game/experience that you we've enjoyed and that you to can get invovled with.  If you're running out of ideas for your lockdown Friday nights, we've got you covered!


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