Lost In The Maze


2020 - Episode 6 - ARG 101 (or what we learnt in the first 2 weeks)

February 25, 2020

In this episode, Mark and Corinne head deep into the rabbit hole of the first couple of weeks of the ARG (or Alternate Reality Game, for those unenlightened..) 

This episode contains answers to puzzles and content from the first 2 weeks of the ARG, including th3c3ll website, HMBru, BlessedHedron and the start of the campaign to #SaveCharlie

Remember to follow @thisisIZZI on Twitter and keep checking back to th3c3ll (and the Boomtown Storyline Facebook group, of course!) to see where the story heads next...

We still would love to hear your stories of your time playing the games in the  Maze, for a future episode, please drop us an email with your best bits to info@lostinthemaze.co.uk 


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